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BRIEF: Develop a visual pitch deck with color swatches for a short animated film that combines stop motion with CG on miniature sets.

ROLE: Director, Writer, Visual designer

METHOD: Photoshop, Illustration




by Clark James

A family moved into an age old estate,
with 200 rooms, a fence and a gate.

A mother, a father and a little girl too.
With no brothers or sisters, she had little to do.

The little girl's name was Amanda McGubble.
A very sweet girl, she never got into trouble.

A few weeks went by and Amanda grew sad.
She needed a friend, and she wanted one bad!

One windy night, the house began creaking.
Amanda lay awake. It kept her from sleeping.

Then a moan began soft and proceeded to grow.
Where did it come from? She needed to know.

Amanda's curiosity was more than she could handle.
She jumped out of bed and she picked up a candle.

Down to the kitchen, without hesitating.
This must be the place. The floor was vibrating!

The moaning was clear and grumbled real low.
It came from beneath. It came from below!

So she lifted the rug and pulled it aside.
In the floor was a door that she pulled open wide.

Amanda didn't know what was under the door.
It was dark down there, down under the floor.

The cellar was a dirty, smelly old place,
with tons of those webs that stick to your face.

Amanda strained her eyes to see up ahead.
"A passageway!" she gasped. She'd see where it led.

So forward she went to follow the moan.
She soon found a door, surrounded by stone.

She raised her fist and knocked on the wood.
The moaning grew quiet, so quiet she stood.

Without hesitation, she set down the candle,
then grabbed the door, and pulled on the handle.

It took all her strength to open the door.
Amanda was little. Only three foot, four.

With a tug and a pull and a mighty big yank,
the door flew wide open. Boy it sure stank!

The room was a mess. The floor littered with bones.
Only hay for a bed. All the walls made of stones.

Amanda peered in, holding the candle in front.
She took a step forward, then heard a loud grunt.

She saw in the corner, something covered with hair,
with a monstrous face, and as huge as a bear.

How long it was down here, you just couldn't tell.
Maybe forever, if you judged by the smell.

The creature was afraid as Amanda could sense. 
She tried not to scare it. It was already tense.

"It's okay Mr. Monster" she said to the thing. 
"I'll never hurt you", then she started to sing.

Her song was so sweet, like a young angel's voice. 
The creature was listening. It had no other choice.

The song made the monster relax quite a bit. 
It even leaned forward, eyes open a slit.

It was the ugliest face you ever would see. 
If you saw it yourself, you'd have to agree.

Buy Amanda wasn't frightened of the horrible beast. 
She just smiled at him, not frightened in the least.

Clearly the monster did not know what to do. 
She had smiled at him! She was special, he knew.

Amanda kept singing in her high, sweet pitch. 
The beast was the scared one. Now this was a switch!

The monster then trembled. This just wasn't right. 
He usually ate children, in one monstrous bite!

Amanda then crossed the stony old floor. 
"My name is Amanda. Please tell, what is yours?"

The beast could not speak, but she understood. 
"I will call you Sylvester. That name fits you good!"

The monster nodded yes. He had to agree. 
Amanda had named him. Sylvester it would be.

Amanda took ahold of the beast by the hand. 
"You're now my new best friend. Do you understand?"

Again Sylvester nodded. He knew what she meant. 
He'd never had a friend, but he like her sweet scent.

"Now let's get you home and into the tub." 
"I hate to be rude, but you need a good scrub!"

Sylvester went along. He couldn't fight back. 
He couldn't even eat her. Not even for a snack!

Amanda took Sylvester right into to her house. 
He walked like a monster. She walked like a mouse.

"Now Sylvester be quiet, and don't make a peep!" 
"My mother hates monsters. We must let her sleep!"

They tried to be quiet, as upstairs they sneaked. 
But the stairs were so noisy as they groaned and they creaked.

In the bathroom at last was a large clawfoot tub. 
She put the beast in, and she started to scrub.

She poured on hot water, then a ton of shampoo. 
He didn't like it much, but what could he do?

Amanda then scrubbed for what seemed like a week. 
She got soap in his eyes and he let out a shriek!

"Shh!" urged Amanda, with a finger to her lips. 
"You're being a baby!" Her hands on her hips.

Amanda scrubbed Sylvester from his head to his toes. 
She even clipped the hairs that grew out of his nose.

The poor monster hated every minute she scrubbed. 
It was two hundred years since he bathed in a tub.

Amanda dried him off and brushed all his hair, 
then sprayed him with perfume. Sylvester's nightmare!

She brushed all the bugs from his dreadful, sharp teeth. 
And removed eight more layers of tooth gunk beneath.

Sylvester shook his hair as hard as he could, 
to mess it all up, like a real monster should.

Amanda just frowned with a long, sad face, 
"Fine! Be a mess! But at least wear this lace!"

And taking the lace, she tied his hair in a bow. 
Sylvester looked silly. He hung his head low.

Sylvester then knew that he just couldn't win. 
Amanda was sweet, so he tried hard to grin.

Amanda grabbed his hand and led him to her room. 
She tucked him in bed. It too smelled of perfume.

Amanda leaned over and switched off her lamp. 
"Isn't this fun? It's like being at camp!"

"Oh you must be so happy to sleep in a bed." 
Sylvester looked scared. Could it be what she said?

"Don't you want to stay here and sleep next to me?" 
"We're best friends now Sylvester. Don't you agree?"

Sylvester slowly nodded his head up and down. 
"What's wrong Sylvester? Why the sad frown?"

Sylvester was embarrassed. He pointed to the light. 
Amanda asked "Do you need the light on at night?"

The monster bowed his head as Amanda took his hand. 
"I'll protect you Sylvester, because I understand."

The monster cracked a smile with a big toothy grin. 
He finally felt safe, and he now had a friend.

Sylvester closed his eyes and prepared for good sleep. 
No moaning tonight. Not even a peep!

"Tomorrow we'll have a party with cookies and tea. 
You'll have a great time, with my dollies and me."

Sylvester tried to smile, but he wasn't real excited. 
He didn't like dolls, but at least he was invited.

Amanda snuggled close and hugged Sylvester tight. 
"Thank you." She said. "I will sleep well tonight."

Amanda and Sylvester had each found a friend. 
Their story's almost over. We're almost to the end.

Amanda's mom and dad soon warmed to the beast. 
He moved into their home, in the wing to the East.

To this very day they're the very best of buddies. 
Roommates at college, where Amanda does her studies.

Sylvester is happy. And Amanda is too. 
We all need a friend. We all really do!


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