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Since childhood, I have been stimulated by the strong visuals of nature and raw forms of beauty all around me. My 20+ year career has been in the creation and direction of various forms of visual storytelling for television, commercial and film projects.
I began my art career in illustration and transitioned to sculpture, followed by 2D animation, 3D animation and live action direction, i.e.  wherever my heart and interest led me. I now co-own HIVE in Portland, OR, where I oversee the creative work of talented artists on projects such as the NBC series Grimm, NatGeo series, ongoing NIKE projects, etc.
Photography is an art form I discovered a few years ago, out of pure curiosity and my desire to travel the world to capture the wide range of emotions I experience in nature. I am self-taught and I enjoy capturing stills, HD footage, timelapse, long-exposure, underwater and aerial drone imagery.
I do not sell my photographs or capture images for any other reason than pure enjoyment. If I did, I believe it would alter my purpose and enjoyment of this creative outlet. I have purposefully chosen not to place value on my hobby and passion, but I'm always happy to trade beautiful images for experiences such as travel, great food, pina coladas, or a free wifi on the road. If you like what you see, please let me know. I am available to travel anywhere in the world on an image assignment.
Thank you for viewing and appreciating my imagery. I'm grateful to have discovered what I love to do and share these experiences with you!


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