There's a very special time of the year
When the chilly wind freezes your hair
And your breath hangs in the air
So to escape the bad weather
All our friends get together
The people we enjoy and hold so dear.

On this twentieth of December
If your time will concede
And you're feeling the need
To visit your peers
And share a few beers.

Then join us to remember.

A long year that we've shared
And prospered in life
And survived all the strife
So now we arrive at this time.

To receive an invite is this rhyme
To come share and tell how you've fared.

Now on this very special Thursday
When deepest winter is here
And Christmas looms near.

Please join us for fun
But don't hurry or run
Instead relax and we'll play.

Drinks and food will abound
With the sound of your friends.

Talking and making amends
There will be reconnections
And a few drunken rejections
But companionship will be found

So please come and see our place.

For an event that's endearing
The date is soon nearing
To let us know you'll attend
And our list we'll amend
Just bring your smiling face.

Oh and I forgot to mention
The time is six thirty
It'll be clean and not dirty
And the liquor is free.
If you're not drunk then you'll be,
so get a ride to avoid a detention...


Copyright 2020 Clark James

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