Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.


I am a media agnostic visual designer and director for international brands such as NIKE, HP, INTEL, CARTOON NETWORK, SNL, ADIDAS and NBC.


My primary role is lead creative and director of live action and animation with deep experience in VFX, editing, character design, pre+post production, writing, design, cinematography and compositing for commercial, television and film projects.


My inspiration is drawn from many sources with a passion for three dimensional, sculptural, playful, colorful, technical and anything natural.


Whether your project spawns from napkin art, storyboards, a pitch deck, a CAD model or a script, I offer a unique depth of experience and endless creativity to help you execute your vision from A to Z while saving you money!

Rusty Desert

Virtual 3D landscape set created in Cinema 4D+Octane for the film "The New Order.'