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 Today I am announcing two timelapsing+photo trips toward Eastern Oregon - one day this week followed by a full week to the Steens and the Wallowas in August. If you are interested in learning the craft of Timelapse and shooting stills my way, meet me on location and I will share this beautiful art form with you. Timelapse requires no specials skills, a few important tools, a digital camera and a strong desire to learn with an open mind.


 My fee for the day per person is just $75. At location(s), we will shoot for 5-6 hours and you will leave with all the knowledge you need to shoot your own masterpiece. On the following weekend, I will host another 2 hour workshop to teach you the art of post processing your footage and hosting it for free on vimeo or youtube + building a simple website to share your work with friends and family. The post class is $25 and will be held at my Visual FX facility.


 If you would like to learn even more about timelapse, I am now planning a 10 day trip to Iceland this year to shoot the northern lights and glaciers on the famous ring road. I'm creating a package rate for this trip, so if interested, please let me know via email or text me at FB. The more people go and share transport-accommodations, the lower the price for all. The glaciers are receding fast and the opportunity to travel to Iceland with a seasoned-experienced Iceland photo traveler is limited.



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