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by Clark James

A child is born with a carefree heart.

No fear or concern. A worry free start.


The older they get, the worries they grow.

The heart voice grows quiet. Peace ceases to flow.


Then worldly concerns slowly come to invade.

Followed by fear, the heart grows afraid.


Now a creature is growing within the commitment,

Of life’s obligations, fear and resentment.


The monster starts small. The soul is it's diet.

But it grows rather quick. Subtle and quiet.


The child can't see this for what it will be.

A danger that's looming. No more being free.


So the child goes on without really knowing,

That the monster has teeth, and its strength just keeps growing.


Then the voice of creation inside every child,

Shrinks and it shrivels. Imagination exiled.


Life gets more complex as the monster grows large.

It’s no longer passive. Soon it's in charge.


The creature becomes a machine that consumes.

With gears and big claws and terrible fumes.


Then it just happens, the child has vanished.

An adult with no dreams. Their vision is banished.


The monster is now as large as a person.

It’s taken control. The fear of it worsens.


In no time at all, it's as big as a tree.

Made of debt and fear. A threat it will be.


Now the innocent child is no longer in charge.

The monster they serve has grown larger than large.


The creature is hungry and eats loads of food,

The emotional kind, and of great magnitude.


The monster eats time and freedom and money.

Soon life is no fun and it’s no longer sunny.


The weight of commitment is too much to bear,

The monster is huge, and it’s hard to get air.


With every breath, the person keeps feeding,

The monster they built, that takes and keeps needing.


Life’s now in service to this monstrous beast.

A nightmare of sorts, and freedom has ceased.


The monster just grows as life passes faster.

They must keep it fed, to avoid a disaster.


If the creature gets hungry and misses a meal.

The adult’s world will crumble. There's no time to feel.


They'll lose everything that the monster comprises.

Obligations and stress that the creature disguises.


The grasp of the monster will become too great,

For the person who built it. They succumb to its weight...


A job goes away, or a close friend grows ill.

It's so overwhelming, to just pay a bill.


The monster starts thrashing and tearing apart,

The last bit of peace, then it goes for the heart.


The fear is too much and there seems no relief.

To escape the oppression, the hurt and the grief.


Alcohol and drugs only soften the blow,

The adult prays for peace. Their flame burns down low.


The horrible beast consumes every last breath.

The adult feels so sad and considers death.


But this would bring hurt to family and friend.

If their child gave up and it came to this end.


Then an old memory flickers in the darkness of night.

A childhood glimmer when life looked so bright.


They remember the feeling of life without care.

Wait! That feeling's not gone, it’s always been there!


The adult then remembers that they own this beast.

That’s consumed their life in an emotional feast.


And the childish voice begins to emit,

A cry out for freedom, and the need to just quit.


The adult feels a rumble that grows deep inside.

A powerful surge. A turn of the tide.


And a choice is revealed that once seemed a dream.

The adult built this monster. They let out a scream!


“I’m no longer scared” says a voice from within.

“I built you, you monster. I’m taking my life back again!”


The monster then shudders and stops on a dime.

The adult holds the leash. It was there the whole time.


They knock out the teeth of the immobile beast.

And throw them away. The beast now deceased.


As the sound of laughter and joy now returns.

The child comes forth, and the creative urge burns.


The feeling of freedom pounds like a wave.

And washes away fear. The adult is now brave.


The monster is gone and exists here no more.

Life is exciting with so much to explore!


And peace flows into the adult who was lost.

They took down their monster at a minimal cost.


With few obligations and no monster to serve.

The adult gives their child the joy they deserve.


See, the child, the freedom, the joy and the peace.

Were always right there, in wait of release.


And return of the child brings a new source of joy.

Creation pours out, whether girl or a boy.


The lesson is this. Trust the child inside.

The choice for your life is yours to decide.


And the monster you built is yours to tear down.

So do it today. Your life is profound!


And be a beginner, from this very day.

And a child you'll be. A child you'll stay.


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