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by Clark James

 Once upon a time there was a tiny little girl named Amelia Camellia. She wasn't just any little girl. Amelia was a true princess. Her mother and father were the King and the Queen of the land, and Amelia was their only child. Amelia often grew lonely, so to entertain herself, Amelia would dream up the most wonderful things and play for hours alone in the fields and hills that surrounded her castle.

 Because Amelia was so tiny, the people of the land often looked down upon her, and some would even laugh at her size. This hurt Amelia’s feelings, so sometimes at night she would cry in her bed as she tried to sleep. Her mother, Queen Ruth, would hold Amelia's hand and tell the tiny princess that it didn't matter how small she was, because her heart was huge and her strength was more than she could imagine. The Queen’s words always made Amelia feel much better and she would fall fast asleep.


 On one breezy spring day, Amelia was out in the fields playing with her imaginary friends and having a great time when she discovered a terrible site. A man had been cutting down an old tree for firewood and the wind had blown the tree in the wrong direction. The giant tree had fallen right on the man's legs and kept him there.


 When the man saw Amelia, he called to her to help him. Amelia told the man she was much too small to lift the tree and she could not help the man, but the man begged and pleaded with Amelia to help him. Amelia was tiny but she had a lot of courage so she decided to give it her best effort. She rolled up her sleeves and she spit in her hands, to be sure she could get the very best grip. With her mightiest tug, Amelia lifted the giant tree off of the man's legs and set him free.


 Amelia was so amazed at her strength that she almost dropped the tree on her own tiny foot. The man thanked her and thanked her as he dropped to his knees and kissed Amelia's feet. He said to her, “Oh Princess Amelia, I promise you I will do my best to tell the whole world how brave, and how strong, and how kind you are." Amelia blushed because she did not think of herself in that way. The man stood and ran away toward the nearest town, yelling the whole way at the top of his lungs, "Princess Amelia saved my life!"


Amelia was sure it must have just been an accident that she was able to lift such a large tree. To prove herself right, Amelia searched for the largest rock she could find and she found a giant one! She slipped her tiny fingers under the rock’s edge and lifted with all of her might. The giant rock slowly came out of the ground and there Amelia stood with it held high over her head. She was amazed at her own strength and threw the rock as far as she could to see just how strong she really was. The rock flew high into the air and disappeared over the farthest mountain, never to be seen again. Satisfied, Amelia brushed the dirt from her hands and galloped home to tell her mother, the Queen, the amazing things she had done.


 When Amelia returned to the castle, hundred of peasants from all reaches of her kingdom quickly surrounded her. They chanted "Amelia Camellia. Our Super Princess." The King’s guards quickly took Amelia inside the castle and whisked her away to meet with her parents. Amelia's father, King Joe, told Amelia how quick her story had spread, and Queen Ruth told Amelia that she was everyone’s hero. Amelia was amazed and delighted at the news and she blushed.


 Outside, the peasants chanted "Super Princess, Super Princess, Super Princess. We love you!" Amelia's mother thought it best that Amelia show herself to the people, so the King, the Queen, and tiny Amelia walked out onto the castle's balcony and together they waved at the people of the land. The people cheered and celebrated, chanting “Super Princess” over, and over, and over again.


 Amelia was now happy because she knew that being small was not such a bad thing. Amelia knew that she could do amazing things if she wanted, and she lived happily ever after. Amelia was known from that day forward as The Super Princess.

Illustrated Princess


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