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by Clark James
Dedicated to my dear friend Octavia. I miss you every day!

Oh butterfly, butterfly. Oh how I watch thee.

As you fly on the wind, so easy and free.

As you flitter and flutter from flower to flower.
I sit and just watch you, for hour and hour.

Your wings are so dainty, so pretty and light.
You're a delicate creature. A beautiful sight.

I know you weren't always this colorful being.
A caterpillar once, your heart longed for freeing.

As you crawled on the earth, while dreaming of high,
Soon you would change, and away you would fly.

So you found a nice place to build a cocoon.
In your velvety shell, you'd reemerge soon.

Some time had to pass as you rested your soul
and your body grew wings; a butterfly's goal.

On a warm spring day, you were born again new
with outstretched wings, you flew into view.

With a flap and a flutter you climbed on a breeze
What a beautiful sight, as you glided with ease.

Oh the way that you sail on the wind of my heart.
You elegant creature. You live piece of art.

Your beauty is honored by someone like me.
It has changed me forever. My heart is more free.

Rise up butterfly, and linger no more.
You've shown me your beauty. May your spirit soar.

And may your life be as happy as mine is today.
An example you are. An example you'll stay.

illustration by Christine Miller


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