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by Clark James

Early one summer day,
about a month after May
we were sitting on a hill,
just sitting real still.
When out of nowhere
we see red locks of hair,
bouncing and coming our way.

She came up through the flowers
and took nearly six hours.
But finally she stood
with a smile so good
in front of the tree
that hid Willie and me
and she glowed with magical powers.

Well Willie thought
that we had ought
climb down from our tree
but no, not me.
I watched the small girl,
start to spin and to twirl
and decided we better not.

When to our greatest surprise,
she started to rise
and lift into the air
and up stood her hair.
Now Willie and I don’t tell lies.

She floated high above the tree,
even above Willie and me,
and when she got there
she reached into her hair
and set a hundred butterflies free.

We just watched in disbelief
as she removed a handkerchief
and held it over her head
like a canopy on a bed
then floated to the ground like a leaf.

Well I looked at Willie
and he looked real silly
with a look in his eyes,
I’m tellin' no lies,
he couldn’t believe,
now he wouldn’t deceive,
that this little girl could fly, really.

Then out of the blue
with no more to do
atop a stump on the ground
she spun herself around.
Soon surrounded by glitter
and a bright light that lit her,
into the wind she flew.

Now I tell you that Willie and me
can tell you what we did see,
but there’s no way to explain
and reason with your brain
who the little girl was
or why she does what she does.
That’s just how things must be.

Oh, I never forgot about that red headed sprite
but sometimes at night
when the air is real hot
and the bugs buzz a lot,
I’ll tell you the story
of the red headed glory
who made living life look so bright.

The way she danced up that hill
and if you don’t believe then you will.
I’m tellin' you the truth.
I don’t have any proof.
It sounds like a dilly
but if you ask my friend Willie
he’ll tell you that she was real.


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