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Is an oink just an oink?
by Clark James

When a pig makes an oink, what does it mean?

Does a oink mean nothing, or something much more?

Maybe an oink is a word that means many different things.

Maybe an oink is how a pig asks for more pig slop for dinner.

Maybe an oink is just a pig laughing to himself.

Maybe an oink tells a farmer that the pig is his friend.

Maybe an oink means "Please, oh please, will you scratch my back?"

Maybe an oink is what a pig says to his reflection.

Maybe an oink calls zillions of flies to swarm all around.

Maybe an oink is the sound of glee while wallowing in the mud.

Maybe an oink lets the other pigs know which pig is the plumpest.

Maybe an oink is a pig's favorite thing- Stinky Mud!

Maybe an oink means that a pig is ready to sleep.

Maybe an oink is the noise a sow makes when feeding her piglets.

Maybe an oink is how a pig asks others "How I do smell?"

An oink could mean so many different things.

An oink must mean something, don't you think?

Maybe, just maybe, an oink is just an oink.

What do you think an oink means?


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