Is a caw just a caw?
by Clark James

When a crow makes a caw, what does it mean?

Does a caw mean nothing, or something much more?

Maybe a caw is a word that means many different things.

Maybe a caw is what a crow names her children.

Maybe a caw means "It's much too windy to fly about today".

Maybe a caw is what a crow calls a shiny, new found thing.

Maybe a caw means "I have lost my favorite feather."

Maybe a caw is what a crow says before eating his dinner.

Maybe a caw tells the world that the sun is setting.

Maybe a caw is a love call to a female crow nearby.

Maybe a caw is an invitation for others to "Join in the party!"

Maybe a caw reminds a sneaky old Tom cat to stay far, far away.

Maybe a caw means "This tree is my home."

Maybe a caw is what a crow yells to get a friend's attention.

Maybe a caw is a word a crow uses to say "Hello" and "Goodbye".

A caw could mean so many different things.

A caw must mean something, don't you think?

Maybe, just maybe, a caw is just a caw.

What do you think a caw means?



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