Is a bark just a bark?
by Clark James

When a dog makes a bark, what does it mean?

Does a bark mean nothing, or something much more?

Maybe a bark is a word that means many different things.

Maybe a bark is what a dog calls his master.

Maybe a bark is the the way a dog says his name.

Maybe a bark means "My ball is caught under the chair."

Maybe a bark is a warning to "Please keep away."

Maybe a bark sounds like Hello to other dogs.

Maybe a bark means "Can I please have my dinner now."

Maybe a bark is a just a dog laughing when he plays.

Maybe a bark brings the moon a bit closer at night.

Maybe a bark is a call to friends far, far away.

Maybe a bark is a cry for attention.

Maybe a bark says "I'm so excited about life!"

Maybe a bark is what a dog calls a cat.

A bark could mean so many different things.

A bark must mean something, don't you think?

Maybe, just maybe, a bark is just a bark.

What do you think a bark means?



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